Investigative Due Diligence, Alternative Data, Surveys and Customized Research
Research Products
BCC’s China-based researchers tackle a wide range of complex research topics by utilizing unique access to industry experts and BCC’s data collection tools. BCC’s research services are highly customizable.

Investigative Due Diligence
BCC’s in-house investigators and analysts conduct due diligence on management teams, companies and industry developments in China.

Alternative Data
BCC tracks key performance indicators of major, publicly listed internet, education, travel and consumer goods companies in China. BCC’s analysts use data mining and survey capabilities to publish data products, research reports and quarterly revenue estimates for China focused, public equity investors. Contact BCC for our published research coverage list.

Offline Surveys: BCC leverages its Expert Network to conduct accurate and timely ‘over the phone’ and ‘in-person’ surveys in China.
Online Surveys: BCC offers large scale, online customer and distributor surveys.